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PSA Group:
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Having achieved the restoration of our financial fundamentals well ahead of ‘Back in the Race’ planning, PSA is now in a position to launch and execute its organic profitable growth plan:

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5 games changers are underway

  • From product to Customer
  • From ownership to Experience
  • From car to Mobility
  • From one business to a portfolio of Activities
  • From local to Global

A great car maker with cutting edge efficiency and a preferred mobility services provider worldwide

Our digital transformation will make the PSA Group a company connected to its customers

Carlos Tavares, Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the Managing Board
  • A great car maker with cutting edge efficiency Learn more

    A great car maker with cutting edge efficiency

    5 strategic pillars to execute the Push to Pass plan: quality, core model and techno strategy, brand power, core efficiency and 6 strategic regions.

    Quality first

    Quality of our products and services is a prerequisite. The PSA Group targets to be in the Top 3 performance in 2018.

    A rich and sharp core model strategy

    • A global range: 34 new vehicles including 26 new passengers cars and 8 new LCV- including a new 1T pick-up offer
    • A multi-brand and multi-region programs : one new car, per region, per brand and per year from 2018 to maintain a young vehicle range of 3.5 years

    A solutions portfolio to meet the environmental stakes :

    • Maintain our low emission leadership with performing engines in addition to 7 PHEV vehicles and 4 new BEV vehicles
    • Pursue an ambitious ADAS and autonomous driving program
    Technologie HYbrid4, l'hybride diesel sans compromis

    3 strong brands

    • Peugeot

      The best high-end generalist brand

    • Citroën

      The People Minded Brand

    • DS Automobiles

      Offering a French avant-garde luxury experience

    Core efficiency as a DNA

    As engaged in our Back in the Race plan we will continue to improve the R&D and Capex efficiency of the Group to reduce overall costs, be there fixed or variable.

    6 strategic regions for new business ambitions

  • A preferred mobility services provider worldwide Learn more

    A preferred mobility services provider worldwide

    PSA is willing to sell great new cars. But mobility for us is also the ability to provide worldwide all the set of services linked to automotive mobility.

    An augmented car for a connected mobility

    Innovation is about offering exclusive and essential services to drivers and passengers

    Brigitte Courtehoux Director of Vehicles and Connected Services Business Unit

    Think experience before ownership

    A customer driven revolution: The Group wants to reinforce the Customer presence inside the company

    • Personalized relationship
    • Multiplication and adaptation of touch points
    • Being part of a co-creative process

    Hassle free mobility solutions

    One of the Push to Pass objectives is to become a multi-brand aftermarket player : parts, used cars, leasing…

    4 growth pillars for connected mobility services

    • B2C car sharing services
    • B2B car sharing and fleet management
    • Connected aftersales and lead business
    • Smart services and car related big data

    A progressive entry in the North American market with mobility operations by leveraging our partnership with Bolloré Group

Push to Pass, 1st step of the Group’s transformation

Push to Pass is a profitable growth plan for the period 2016 – 2021. It is a first step to bridge our vision. It will enable PSA to unleash its potential and to step up its sustainable performance to meet two financial objectives:

  • Objectives 2016 - 2018

    of automotive recurring operating margin


    of Group revenue growth vs 2015 at constant exchange rates

  • Targets by 2021

    of automotive recurring operating margin


    of Group revenue additional growth at constant exchange rates

3 enablers to meet the Push to Pass objectives

The Digital transformation as an efficiency booster

Taking into account the new environment, PSA Group’s ambition is to be a customer connected company with efficient digital processes for a seamless customer journey.

A competitive mindset

Individually and collectively, PSA Group employees must get a business sense attitude and develop a competitive mindset. They have demonstrated their ability to be agile in the execution of our Back in the Race plan. More than ever they have to express themselves to meet the ambitious objectives of the new plan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A vision in line with the three CSR commitments :

  • Environnemental commitment for a sustainable mobility
  • Involvement in host communities
  • New social responsible practices